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Saturday, August 17, 2013

6:20PM - Annnd one last sale.

Decided to get rid of the Elfdoll June I've not yet painted, and keep the one I have. She is VERY cheap and in wonderful condition and I will accept splits.


Friday, August 16, 2013

7:58PM - Another sale -- Rare older FCS BW F13

I thought I would post this here for those who might be into the 'vintage' Volks dolls, like I am. I have to sell my beautiful old FCS F13 from ~2003. She comes with two volks wigs, volks glass eyes, and her dress, for only $325


Thursday, August 15, 2013

7:16PM - Sales threads...

MNF Luka Boy:


Discontinued Iplehouse Silvia:


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2:38PM - NO WAIT, there's more.

Yes, I found even more MHs to sell.

First off, CATGIRLS, plus Toralei's spare outfit, still in package. Torelei's lips have been painted black and sealed because I'm goth like that. $35.

Wave One Lagoona. $20.

1:58PM - MH Lots round two!

Now that I gave dollsahoy first pick-over as promised, here's the second wave of my MH lots, once again offered to Flisters first. I'll put them on the MH comm in a couple days if there's no nibbles here.

The lots include what is pictured -- no more, no less -- and all of the dolls are in good condition, from a smoke-free home.

Shipping not included in prices. Shipping TBD on location; the dolls will be shipped in boxes so as to be adequately protected.

As this is a moving sale, all sales are FINAL, no refunds, no returns, no holds. Serious buyers only.

$15 for these.

$30 for these three dressed girls.

$15 for these two dressed dolls.

$8 for these two.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2:41PM - Moving sale item #2 -- Oldskin BW F10 head-- on hold

I have kept this head forever, but never found a second body for it so I need to stop holding onto it. It's oldskin BW, from about the year 2003. Wonderful condition; her original FCS faceup has been restored somewhat with the hope of preserving her 'vintage' volks look. The faceup is no longer flawless but it's pretty nice, certainly nice for its age :)

I want the head to find a good home, more than I care about getting much money for it. You can have it for $35 if interested, OBO. Shipping TBD on location; won't be much within N. America.

2:35PM - FINALLY starting my moving sale!

Well that took me a while, I know. My life is too crazy. But, I need to thin the MH herd... I have so many extras and doubles, ahhh... #shopaholic

First off, MH lots. The lots include what is pictured -- no more, no less -- and all of the dolls are in good condition, from a smoke-free home. Any minor face-paint flaws will be duly noted; most of the dolls have nice screening as I am pretty fussy about such.

Shipping not included in prices. Shipping TBD on location; the dolls will be shipped in boxes so as to be adequately protected.

As this is a moving sale, all sales are FINAL, no refunds, no returns, no holds. Serious buyers only.

---Lots being re-formatted---

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

6:01PM - Greta

My ollllld (2004) BW FCS-F13. Sorry for the bad pictures, it was windy and muddy and generally ew in my backyard, so meh. My camera doesn't really want to capture the eyeshadow right, either (it's all shimmery in person and not as dark). But at least I *took* some pictures, right? And played around with the contrast and saturation because that is my cheap way of making things look interesting...

More under here...Collapse )

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Monday, August 27, 2007

11:55AM - I remember how to work a camera :O

It occurred to me yesterday that there was a time when my dolls and I participated in a near-forgotten ritual involving a lense and a lot of cursing.

I'm lazy and so I'm just posting the link to my post on DOA rather than double-posting all the pics. Nur.

Edit: I will be un-lazy and post them here, because they will just get buried in the hectic bowels of DOA otherwise.

@!#$% I forgot how busy that place was.

Here they are...Collapse )

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Monday, May 21, 2007

9:21PM - They ALWAYS do this to me!

My dolls have a knack for looking absolutely perfectly posed and lense-friendly only when they are sitting somehwere that is in no way photogenic-- like on my craft table, or in my bedroom, which is 'oh-dear-god-who-carpet-bombed-Hot Topic?' type of messy.


Oh well, I forgive you, Draven.Collapse )

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

7:28PM - Remember that Shiwoo head I mentioned?

All finished!Collapse )

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5:08PM - Stuff FS!

Still clearin' out stuff before I move. Eep!




Pleast to buy!

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

8:16PM - Le Milan!

Rockin" the punk jacket, the goth skirt, and the rainbow everything else!Collapse )

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7:53PM - Meetup = Wheeee!

I made it to the Ottawa meetup today [omg I had to get up in the MORNING D:], but it was great! I had some awesome tea and then we all went to the Tulip Festival and scared passerbys with our little resin hellions. Then, we headed up to the roof of the Rideau Center and I snapped some pics in the trees. Everyone was so nice and Milan was absolutely spoiled by all the attention she got-- there will be NO living with her now XD I hope my hyper nature didn't annoy everyone to death-- gah I walk SO FAST! I never fully realise that until I'm out with a group! I also talk and talk and talk and... But I took lotsa pics!

I will be dividing the pic posts into 2, this post will have the meetup-type pics, and I'll do another post with pics of just Milan taken both yesterday and today, because I have a big stash of pics of her. She's just so darn cute XD

Dollllliiieeees!Collapse )

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Monday, May 7, 2007


This time they are of Vayne...

My giant supernatural creep =DCollapse )

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8:30PM - Bunni's in the garden!

This little drag queen princess is my first attempt at eye modding... I used some finnicky little files and managed to get the exact sexy eyeshape I have always wanted in a bjd... And then of course came the GLITTER. Now I will have to make him his own clothes in his own style [he's borrowing Dorian's, along with the body, but his own style is glampunk/glamrock, not goff].

I will never stop loving El, no matter how many billions of them are populating the femboy netherworld that is DOA.

Draven "Bunni" EldrichCollapse )

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Friday, May 4, 2007

8:39PM - Just one more...

Just a quick pic I snapped of Vayne because he was glaring at me extra spooOOOookee-like. I added two little beauty marks under one eye last night... Does anyone know where to get all-black eyes? Kinda like the soom white-out ones but all in black-- even the, erm, whites... Pssshhh, shaddup, I got 4 hours of sleep last night D:

In other news, I got my dreaming El head today and have done the mods already =D They turned out PERFECT. Now I will paint him! HUZZAH. I'll probably have him done in time for Sunday and then have to decide who I wanna bring, him or Dorian [as I only have one BW CP body to share between them... boooo]

I need caffeeeeine O_O

1:27AM - My saint...sinner... whatever-- is back!

Well kind of... He's not the same character as he was before, but I got him back from his other owner for a great deal because his face had yellowed [and yet his body was fine O_o weeeiiird resin-- I wish Dollshe had just kept the resin they used on the V1 hounds-- it's so gorgeous and my V1 Hound hasn't yellowed a whit since I got him nearly 2 years ago]... Anyway-- I got the poor Saint back and modded his whole face-- not just sanding off the yellow tone, but I enhanced his cheekbones, tweaked his jaw, stuff like that-- oh, and I added TINY TEEF. Please meet Vayne, the bitey dollie~~


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

1:20AM - Put your sunglasses on, for my faceups are about to strike again!

I finished painting a Juri '06 head I had modded ages ago and then wandered off and forgot about completely. But now she has a face and is going to a good home, so all's well =D

I also made the wig hat and am soon getting a BW dreaming El head to mod half to death. Whee!

clicky clicky!Collapse )

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Friday, March 23, 2007

3:04PM - Milan FTW!

Last night I decided I missed Milan's old glittery pink lips, so I semi-redid her faceup [I say semi becacuse I left her her eyeshadow alone aside from adding glitter], and she got new brows as well [the last ones weren't wackily arched enough for me 8D]. Anyway, it looks so freaking good with her wig that I was pretty much ready to do a victory dance in a puddle of glitter by the time her sealer was dry.

The glitter gods have blessed my dollie! Hail, hail!Collapse )

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